The DHHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) negotiates Business Integration Agreements (CIA) with health care providers and other institutions as part of the management of federal health program investigations resulting from a large number of false civil allegations. The CIA outlines the commitments a company accepts in exchange for the OIG agreement, that it will not attempt to exclude companies from participating in Medicare, Medicaid or other federal health programs. The CIA has common elements, but each is adapted to the specific facts of the case, and the CIA is often designed to identify elements of an existing compliance program. This article contains public domain material from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services document: Corporate Integrity Agreements Snapshot (PDF). Call on April 14, 2018. The CIA clearly identifies areas of the company`s compliance program that need to be improved. Although these are tailored to the specific compliance challenges discovered by the company in question, the CIA often requires the company to do so: although it is difficult and generally costly to meet, OIG Corporate Integrity Agreements lead oIG organizations to implement an effective public health compliance program that ultimately leads to correct billing practices. These include submitting specific and comprehensive payment requests to federal health programs, appropriate agreements with physicians, and improving the quality of care provided to program recipients. Since the OIG Corporate Integrity Agreement is a contractual agreement between the OIG and a health organization requiring the organization to meet a defined set of compliance obligations, it is important to meet all conditions. Violations of the OIG Corporate Integrity Agreement and non-compliance with obligations under the agreement may result in severe penalties, including the possible exclusion of participation in federal public health programs. The volume of work is defined by the Corporate Integrity Agreement and depends on the substantive issues contained in the original agreement with the United States.