#fugaku #gara #itachi #mikoto #perjanjian #sasusaku #uchiha #uchihasasuke #wattpad no longer wants to fight with his thoughts, Sakura approaches a man who is nothing but Sasuke. He trains in a place where he remembers the impression that Sakura faints at that second when he sees a beautiful paratrooper of Sasuke`s face. Not sakura lebay or anything, but believe me, this man who is now before him is like a Greek god who has turned into a man. Sakura remembers Ino`s words on Sasuke`s name. At first he did not believe that there was such a handsome man, but after seeing him in person, Sakura could not quote at all. Mikoto-Sasuke`s mother looks at Sasusaku with an exam. Onyxnya asked for an explanation. And his youngest son. Recently, he wanted to visit his beloved son, erotic landscape, as if to greet his arrival. “Hehehe gomen teme” Naruto only nyinyir with a big smile shows his fox teeth.

“Sei-wirklich i-it Sa-sasuke-kun” Mikoto looks at Sasuke and Sakura in turn. The spark of his wink makes Sakura smile awkwardly, which is forced. The man named Kakashi nodded and handed over a sheet with Sakira`s identity. Sasuke quickly welcomed him and read it in detail. The smile is also endured on his pretty face. “Soon you will be mine, and I will not let you fall into the hands of others……. Tuberculosis “I`ve been looking for you everywhere?! You know here, boy! 21 – Warning: Naruto (c) Mashashi Kishimoto Mating: SasuSaku Rating: M genre: romance, Lemonade Sakura haruno, women who work as male settlers must be bound by a crazy agreement with Sasuke uchiha… “I never thought I wanted to sleep.” Sakura is resting, but Ino intercepts him. “Hn. Looks like you`re here. Come here!! Someone`s instructions to make sakura are addressed to the source of the sound. The man in the office shirt sits in the middle of the sofa, in a style of cavalry and arrogance.

The way Sakura sits, she believes that this man has a hard and authoritarian personality. Sakura does not see the man`s face because he comes and goes. Although seen from behind, it is undeniable that the man has a pretty face. It`s according to sakira. His green blinds rolled and stared at the man with a robust and robust body, which was receding.