The lease is a form of consumer contract and, as such, must be done in clear and understandable language. It must not contain clauses that could be “unfair.” This means, for example, that the lease does not put you or your landlord in an unfavourable position, should not allow a party to change the terms unilaterally and without good reason, or to bind you irrevocably to conditions with which you did not have time to administer yourself. An abusive clause is not valid by law and cannot be enforced. Your lease automatically becomes a periodic lease if you survive the end of the limited term without a renewal contract. At this point, the lease is terminated for all parties, unless the lease says otherwise. If the other tenants stay and pay the same rent, it will not be simple business as usual, since the lease that existed before has been terminated with its terms. You can inform your landlord in writing that you want to end your periodic rent. You must: If your rental agreement is a common tenancy agreement, it may be more difficult to stay in the property if other tenants wish to move. Your landlord can look forward to staying if you can find other tenants to take over the rest of the property. It is important to be careful when adding clauses to prefabricated and purchased contracts, as you may accidentally restrict your rights. If you want to include your own clauses in an existing rental agreement, it is recommended that you consult a professional before the facts. You do not have the legal right to remain in a property at the end of the rental period. However, your landlord cannot dislodge you without following proper procedure.

Does anyone know if a lease between my client and an agent is valid, even if I no longer pay for the property or use the agent? my tenant has repeatedly stated that this is a legally binding and non-legally binding instrument – he has also refused to sign a new contract that I have sent him twice. It`s always best to communicate your plans with the owner and not just jump on them! We always recommend mutual agreements whenever possible, as they work best for both parties. The rental conditions may not exactly match the current temporary rent. In most cases, when a tenant rents less than 100k per year, enters the property on the day or after February 28, 1997 and has the right to have privacy in the property where the lessor cannot enter the property without mutual agreement, a short-term lease contract assured automatically becomes, with or without a signed tenancy agreement.