Pre-professional nurses say they could expand access to Ohioan health care, but they are limited because they have to maintain oversight agreements with doctors. A Standard Care Arrangement (CAS) is a written and formal guide to planning and evaluating a patient`s health care. SCA is developed by a cooperating physician (or podiatrist) and the NPC, CNM or CNS. The SCA must be implemented in the NPC, NJC or NSA before clinical practice begins and reviewed at least every two years. The employer is required to register a copy of the most up-to-date SCA in accordance with Ohio`s Administrative Code 4723-8-04 (D). The Ohio Board of Nursing does not need a copy of the SCA, but it must be immediately available at the card`s request. (E) There is nothing in this section prohibiting a hospital from recruiting a certified nurse, nurse and midwife, and from negotiating standard care rules on behalf of staff to the extent necessary to meet the requirements of this section. A standard care agreement between hospital staff and the staff collaborative physician is subject to approval by medical staff and the hospital`s governing body prior to the implementation of the hospital agreement. But some groups of doctors, including the Ohio Medical Association, say nurse practitioners are not trained to treat patients without medical supervision. A SAFETY SYSTEM IS NOT OBLIGATORY TO HAVE a CO-OPERATIVE DOCTOR IF IT does NOT OFFER PATIENTS. Nurses (whether NPC, NJC or NSC) who do not currently work in NPC, NNC or CNM practices and do not currently have a co-operative physician or standard care should provide information about the document they download when asked to list collaborative physicians. If they are “between” practices/jobs or want to retire, but they want to keep the license, they would say that on the document they download: “I don`t have a cooperating doctor.

I`m not practicing right now. They can also explain this if they teach and do not work in practice (including monitoring student practice). (A) Except in the department (D) (1) of this section, clinical nurses, certified nurses or certified nurses may practice only in accordance with a standard supply regime that has been taken care of by any physician or podiatrist with whom the nurse works.