The purchase agreement published by RPI (Realty Publications, Inc.) (One-to-Four Residential Units – With Short Sale Contingency) – Form 150-1 is a full “Boilerplate” sales contract with additional provisions and amended specifically for short selling agreements. Form 150-1 serves as a checklist to present the various conventional financing agreements available to the buyer to finance the purchase price and contains conditions that take into account a prudent buyer and his representative when making the offer. As far as the seller is concerned, their performance depends on the discounted claims of mortgage holders. [See RPI form 150-1] The bank to know that homes in the area sell for less money is not good enough to be qualified for a short sale. Mortgagor must prove that it suffered a change in its financial situation, such as the loss of jobs. B, loss of income, too much financial debt, etc. The best solution is to use your lawyer to design a sales contract that protects your interests. And use a lawyer who specializes in the practice of real estate law. Although you may need a divorce lawyer if you lose your savings in a bad real estate investment, you don`t want it to prepare your real estate purchase contract. Through a claim, the mortgage holder agrees to accept the net proceeds from the seller`s sale at the price paid by a buyer less than the mortgage holder`s outstanding mortgage balance.

The main document used by the buyer`s representative to negotiate the purchaser`s acquisition of real estate is a sales contract. [See RPI form 150-159] Given the recent protection of the 580th CCP, short selling is a good option for many underwater borrowers, especially in light of the Supreme Court`s decision this year, which eliminates the stripping of the 2d. However, borrowers should bear in mind that, although their liability to the lender is eliminated, they remain fully liable to the purchasers in the event of a disclosure breach; So overwhelmed. Real estate agents who sell do a great favor to their sellers and themselves by ensuring that short sellers receive legal advice on liability and taxation. The offer of a sales contract with the pre-sale provision becomes a mandatory written contract between the buyer and the seller in the event of acceptance. However, if the seller is unable to obtain a claim for repayment from the mortgage holder (s) who holds one or more rights to the property, the contract may be terminated and rendered unenforceable at the discretion of the buyer or seller.