Why do I need an professional interpreter

Certified Interpreters

  • American Sign Language Interpreters
  • Tri-Lingual Interpreters
  • Certified Deaf Interpreter’s (CDI’s)/ Intermediaries
  • Deaf/Blind Interpreting
  • Oral Interpreters

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

DIS uses their state-of-the-art VRI technology to remotely provide professional and confidential sign language interpreting. VRI is particularly beneficial when there is an emergency that cannot wait for an interpreter to travel to be on-site or in areas where the nearest certified interpreter is hours away.

The greatest advantage to DIS’s system is that there is NO special software or tools to purchase. DIS has invested heavily in purchasing all of the software and a dedicated media server, eliminating the added expense from clients.

Support Services

  • Captioning / CART
  • Computer Assisted Note-Taking (CAN)
  • Deaf Support Specialists
  • Readers/Note Takers
  • Advocating and Coordination of Services
  • Job Coaching
  • Personalized Assistance in a variety of capacities

Video/Audio Production

DIS provides video production for local, state and federal entities wishing to put their information into a video format accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

  • Video Production (Training, Educational, Informational)
  • Text to Audio Files


  • ADA Compliance Consulting
  • Cultural Mediation – DIS provides cultural mediation to resolve issues between deaf staff members, and hearing staff members as a result of cultural differences.
  • “In Service” Awareness Presentations
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