Riverside referred to the irreparable damage clause in the transaction agreement to argue that Mercer`s alleged offence, without the aid of omission, would cause irreparable damage. The court disagreed. It first acknowledged that the district and district courts refused to accept irreparable harm on the basis of a contractual clause. Recalling the Supreme Court`s emphasis in Winter v. Natural Resources Defense Council that the movants prove actual harm, “the court “asks whether there can be weight in such a clause.” In the best case, he said, “the clause is proof that at the time of the transaction agreement, the parties predicted that violations of [certain terms of the agreement] would be the case that would cause irreparable harm.” While “the prediction may be admissible,” the court found that the clause “does not absone Riverside from its obligation to prove irreparable harm.” ROBIC,LLPwww.robic.cainfo@robic.com MONTREAL1001Square-Victoria-BlocE-8thFloorMontreal,Quebec,CanadaH2Z2B7Tel.:-1514987-6242Fax: -1514845-7874 QUEBEC2828Laurierboulevard,Tower1,Suite925Quebec,CanadaG1V 0B .:-1418653-1888fax.:-1418653-0006 CONFIDENTIALITYAGREEMENTSANDINJUNCTIVERELIEF A.SASHAMANDY-ROBIC,LLP LAWYERS,PATENTANDTRADE-MARKAGENTS Canaconfidentialityagrebdingrebeddindinderdtainincontaincondef. What conditions must be met for a confidentiality agreement to bind the workers of the company that signed it? ThesewereamongsomeofthefragenTheCourtof Queen`sBenchforSaskatchewanhadtograpplewithinAutomatedTank ManufacturingInc.vMiller2012SKQB300,wasrenderedon26,2012. This is essential for practitioners and patent agents, because it provides guidelines for the company howtocounselclientsmitregardtodisclosuresandconfidentiality. The case may also be of interest to individuals who may request disclosure or dissemination of confidential information. Data are on the agenda for 2000. As far as patent law is concerned, such agreements can be very useful in obtaining the validity of deconteste apapatite. Most jurisdictions consider the disclosure of anticipatory information, which means that theydonotcountasa disclosurepriortothefilingofafafafapapavoir patent application, which regards patents.

Confidentiality agreements are also a possible remedy for the aggrieved party in the event of disclosure of the breach of confidential information contained in the agreement. This edificecanincludedamages,aswellasequitablerelief. AutomatedTankManufacturing (ATM)brought follows againstPeterMiller,anemployee ofBAREngineeringCo. (BAR)dieserviceszuATM.ATMauchsued LarryBertelsen,theformerpresidentandCEOofATM.ATMallegesthatMiller has received confidential and proprietary informationduringhisworkforBAR,and that Millerdisclosedsomeofthisinformation atBertelsen.ATMalsoalleges As well millerandBertelsenkonen Comitinteintenttomisusetheconfidential informationtoharmATM.Asaresult,ATMsufferedlosses,andseeksaninterimor interlocutoryinjunction againstbothMillerandBertelsentopreventthemfromusingusing ordisclosingATATATA`Confidential. BothMillerandBertelsendenythe ©CIPS2012.- LawyerandJuniorEngineer,A.SashaMandyisamemberofROBIC,LLP,amultidisciplinaryfirmof lawyers,and patenteentandtrademarkagents. Published invironseptembre2012 edition ofWorld IntellectualPropertyReport.Publication142.268.