If your employer offers a lower compensation package than your proposal, you take steps to negotiate a better offer. There are a number of important legal and economic issues that should be taken into account when negotiating a redundancy agreement. If you are over 40 and the company offers you a redundancy package, the company must give you at least 21 days to take this into account and 7 days to revoke it after signing the package. It will often be advisable to consult a lawyer who is an expert to solve these problems. And your ability to receive additional compensation or benefits depends on the negotiating effect and potential claims against the business you might have. The letter of offer or employment contract signed by the employee usually determines the type of dispute resolution. When negotiating a severance pay agreement, it is usually in the worker`s best interest to settle disputes, not to negotiate. Here`s an example of worker-friendly arbitration: When it comes to negotiating severance pay agreements, most people get better results by working with a lawyer. If you feel unsafe or agitated, please contact our office. We are happy to help you understand your rights and options so that you can make an informed decision. A severance package is a legal document, so read it all in depth. Take the time to read the entire document several times, to make sure you understand every detail. Organize the main parts of your starter package and look for confusing terms.

Pay particular attention to missing or vague information in order to avoid misleading flaws. Your future former employer has just provided you with a package of severance pay. After verification, you may be happy to be about to receive money, but you have questions: all termination agreements contain confidentiality clauses that prevent you from disclosing the content of the contract. This is a standard provision in any agreement. It`s amazing how many people tell me that they heard what other employees received as severance pay, when those employees had a termination agreement with a confidentiality clause. If you disclose your severance pay, you run the risk that the employer will invent it and you will lose the severance pay, while the release of the rights will remain in effect. Don`t discuss an agreement you`ve already signed, say “no comment.” Read the news to see what is reported about the layoffs in the Academy and in particular in your institution. Learn as much as you can about dismissal and discrimination laws. Does the severance pay offered to you comply with national and federal guidelines? Here are the main issues to consider in the severance pay: Better informed, she was able to significantly increase the payment, including full payment and benefits for just over a year as well as her bonus.