At ValleyRoad Capital, we take into account existing cultural barriers in commercial activities between different countries, even in Europe, from the Nordic countries to Central and Southern Europe. In particular, there are large differences in understanding value added before and after mergers and acquisitions. Businesses are under increasing pressure to streamline contract processes. The fault lies with digital; Blaming competition The fact is that we see more agreements and more complex agreements, regardless of market or geography. While the Bureau will not attempt to impose buy-back agreements in Canada, companies should continue to seek legal advice before contacting competitors. Such communications, even if limited to discussions on buy-sides, may nevertheless violate the civil law provisions of the law, and the United States has suggested that they would impose fines. A buy-back contract involves the purchase or acquisition of goods or services, such as. B the purchase of services or services, such as the acquisition of employee services. Buy-side agreements include agreements in which companies that compete to recruit and retain workers accept employment conditions, accept wage settings, or agree not to recruit staff from each other (non-poaching agreements). On the purchase or purchase page of contract management, information on historical volumes and prices of products, service level agreements (SLAs), terminations, renewals and price review rights are invaluable. CSA solutions make it easier for procurement agencies to access this information when needed, including through automated alerts and notifications. This ease of data access, combined with workflow gains inherent in the asc Contracts tool and other solutions, reduces time per task of purchase and greatly optimizes buy-side processes. If a buy-side mandate is granted to manage the entire acquisition process of a target business already selected by the interested buyer (compulsory), but when a strong and obvious cultural barrier must be crossed, it is important that both parties set their expectations for a successful transaction in order to lay the foundation for future mutual benefits.

Last Friday, the Canadian Competition Bureau issued a statement on the application of competition law (the law) to buy-side agreements, such as non-poaching and wage-fixing agreements.