(5) The fact-finding person may include in his report his conclusions on all issues he deems relevant to the establishment of a collective agreement between the parties. 86 (1) In spite of section 85, if the Director fails to appoint or establish an arbitration body under a collective agreement or under section 84 (3), the director must, at the request of one of the parties, make the necessary appointments to the composition of an arbitration board and a person appointed by the director is deemed to be appointed in accordance with the collective agreement. section 84, paragraph 3. 78 (1) Before a strike or lockout begins, the employer of the workers in the tariff unit concerned may request that the acceptance or rejection of the employer`s last offer received by the union be the subject of consultation between the parties on all the outstanding issues, and if the employer has requested the acceptance of a vote by the delegated authority that a vote by these workers in favour of the adoption or rejection of the offer The associate president leads. (c) to refer to an employer or union the cancellation and correction of a disciplinary action taken against a worker that was imposed in violation of a collective agreement means that, in general, both parties must be sincere in their attempts to reach an agreement. It also involves meeting the other party and doing everything in their power to reach an agreement. The negotiation process requires a certain degree of donation and taking. If one does not agree on the other party`s requests for negotiation, it does not in itself mean that one party does not negotiate in good faith. However, a deliberate strategy by one of the parties to prevent an agreement is considered a negotiation in bad faith.

When one party exhibits such behaviour, the other party may file a complaint with the employment agency about the abusive practice of labour. 46 (1) Any party to a collective agreement, whether concluded before or after this code came into force, may at any time, within four months immediately before the expiry of the collective agreement, request in writing the other party to begin collective bargaining. 7. If the parties do not accept the terms of the transaction recommended by the Ombudsman or if a first collective agreement is not concluded within 20 days of the subsection report (6), the Associate Chairman must direct a method described in point 6 (b) for the resolution of the dispute. (2) The subsection (1) applies to any extension or revision of a collective agreement and any ancillary agreement within the meaning of the collective agreement. (e) in a manner that is fair and proportionate to violations of deadlines or any other procedure under the collective agreement 41 (1) In order to ensure and maintain peace at work and to promote conditions conducive to the settlement of disputes, the Minister may, at the request of one or more unions or officially, and after the investigation deemed necessary or timely , orders the House, despite sections 18, 19 or 21, to consider whether, in any given case, a union council would be an appropriate bargaining partner for a unit.